Definite and Definitive

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What is the difference between definite and definitive?

Definite means known for certain.
Definitive means conclusive.

Definite and Definitive

Writers sometimes confuse definite and definitive because their meanings are close and they look similar. However, there is a clear distinction between the two words.


The adjective definite means known for certain or precise.

  • Is it definite that the plane has left?
  • I can't make sense of your invoices. I need to know the definite amount.


The adjective definitive means conclusive or authoritative

  • This is the definitive paper on the company's holdings.
  • Was that the judge's definitive verdict?

Definitely Not Definate

There is no such word as definate, which is a very common misspelling of definite. Definately does not exist either.

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