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What Is Personification? (with Examples)

What Is Personification? (with Examples)

Personification is ascribing a human trait or ability to a concept or a non-human object.

Personification is an example of figure language, which is the use of words in an unusual or imaginative manner. Personification can be considered a metaphor, which asserts that one thing is something that it literally is not.

Examples of Personification

Here are some examples of personification:
  • The trees whispered in the wind.
  • The flowers danced in the grass.
  • The sun kissed the ocean.
  • I could hear the hamburger calling my name.

You Can Use Speech Marks with Personification

You can use speech marks to show your readers that a word is not being used in its true sense. Speech marks are therefore acceptable with personification. For example:
  • These waves "know" when you're not holding on.
The use of speech marks to show personification is not popular with writers as most feel it reduces the impact of the personification.

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Interactive Test

You Can Think about Capitalizing a Season If It's Personified

There is quaint "ruling" which states that a season can be given a capital letter if it is personified. Do not expect many of today's grammarians to support you if you opt for a capital letter on a season though. For example:
  • It was an effect created by Autumn's golden touch.
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